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(Written Friday, October 30, 2015)
Failure: blame on you!
A: Hi again, master.
B: Hi, little grasshopper.
A: Enlighten me, master. Failure. Who’s to blame when your project faces failure because something that did not depend on you did not work?
B: This usually involves another person failing to do their job, or what you expected to be their job. The useful answer to this recurrent question is one and easy: YOU.
It’s easy (and pretty straightforward) to blame others when they did not do what you expected. But think. The idea, the project, was yours. You selected that person and relied on him or her to act in  a certain way. He/she did not. Well, maybe that is just your fault in the first place for not identifying the right person.
A: But it’s impossible to know if someone will do well, especially when all indicated he/she was a good choice. So unfair!
B: Yes, it probably is. But you should have taken this possibility into account. Now it’s about adjusting some variables and trying it again.
A: Damn it! It will take me weeks!
B: Blaming others in this kind of stuff will do little good to your job. Just assume you are the one to blame, and do better the next time. After all, in this regard, the only thing that counts is success. Assume failure just as a part of  the process to success.
A: Thanks master. Your wise words will certainly help me in my journey to success.
B: It’s my job, little grasshopper. Now you shall go, but first, don’t forget to buy my last book. BizzGuru now includes new secret tips to success in business and life.
From the highest summit to the deepest grotto
And skiing, I descended from the highest summit to the deepest grotto to fight Satan itself and save the world. But nobody was there. No Satan, Lucifer, Judas or Dracula. Evil wasn’t concentrated in a certain shady red hot spot below earth. Evil wasn’t personified in a mighty villain. Evil was not even something tangible or measurable. Was therefore evil real? I discovered evil was just an idea impregnating public’s consciousness, so was good or God. Now, deep below the surface, all dirty and jaded, with no victory or glorious dead to come back with or transmit to my people, I had a disappointing message to communicate. My mission and will, my extenuating training, my shinny armour, all the hope I represented… all that was in vain. After some hours contemplating the sickly dark imposing environment I was in, thinking, digesting my finding; I decided it was time to come back to my people. I started my arduous way back to the surface. Physically, it was surprisingly easy, probably because I was trained for it and I was clear of dragon wounds. Mentally, was way harder. All me and my life were just to arrive to that culminating point, to discover there was no point at all.
In the subsequent hours I walked, heading home, from the rusty burnt earth to the forest. I stopped to hunt something to eat, put my tired feet in a creek and rest. In that distant forest, far from the cities and the fields, surrounded by nature, everything felt simple and right. I tempted to remain there, live on my own, avoid the people my discouraging discovery.
I decided everyone could wait some days for the news. I remained in the forest, sleeping too much time, hunting to eat, exploring the region. I made fire and slept next to it, using my cape as sheets. It was liberating.
But after some days I got bored. Forest animals were beautiful and nice. The food I hunted was tasty, and my life just too easy. Also, there wasn’t anybody else to interact with. I decided it was time to come back to the civilization.
When I came back, people did not believe me. They said I did not try, that I did not even arrived to Satan’s spot, that I was just a coward. Thanks to my strong constitution and herculean capabilities I was able to get out of the city. They would have killed me if I did not have defended. I leaved my people, my city and my past. Now I was an outlaw there. I walked for many days since I got in a land out of my city’s influence. Other people lived there. Different people, with different buildings and different pastures.
I arrived to a small village, in the forest. They made their living hunting and collecting. I presented myself, they spoke a language similar to mine, so we could interact in a basic way. They accepted me. Physically, I was different from them, but I was strong, skilled and good looking. In the following weeks I mastered their language, met the whole community, habituated to their food and went hunting with them. I met a beautiful young girl around my age, the daughter of the village’s ruler (he was called “the master”). We liked each other, and one day, after dining and celebrating one of their festivities, we went for a walk in the forest. We had been drinking. She showed me a cave next to a creek, not far away from the village, with some ancient ruins in it. There, passion took over us. She was tanned, with long black hair, turgid boobs and tight butt. Fiery eyes gazed at me in desire, inviting me to an athletic intercourse. That night we stayed together celebrating our attraction. We fucked like rabbits multiple times, to end up sleeping as a sticky hot mess in a corner of the cave. The morning after we came back to the village. The people smirked and congratulated us, but nobody really cared. My sexy partner was used to do whatever she wanted, and to be honest, that was a relief to me. I didn’t want the people to be mad at me because “I had spoiled master’s daughter”.
Some months passed and I found myself totally integrated in that community. My life was peaceful and easy. I went to explore and hunt with the men, and sometimes with my girlfriend/pre-wife and her friends. We celebrated all sort of quirky and weird rituals, we got on canoes to visit other villages and participate in sports tournaments… It was fun and entertaining, and I decided to stay with them for the moment, I had nothing better to do and without realizing it I had already settled with them.
Notes: Flash look into a picture inspired me to write this lighting short story.
Jerry burnouts, screws all up and goes wild

Jerry was depressed. He was twenty six and lived in a small apartment of a big city.  He worked for a big electronics company. He spend hours and hours every day in front of a PC screen, working on spreadsheets, checking software coding, writing reports. He had no girlfriend, no good friends and he didn’t like his family, which lived in another city. Also, he didn’t have a good salary, but anyway he didn’t have the time to spend it. Fucking MS Excel and prompt line stole all his time. With no meaningful human relationships in his life and a frustrating and tiring job he hated, he fell into a spiral of dissatisfaction, frustrating distress and lack of hope for the future. When it wasn’t the accumulated work stress which made him want to jump out of the window to just run away, it was a void feeling which dragged him to a depressive state.
One day he was at work, in the office. He thought, and reflected again as he always did, and cleared his mind. He couldn’t handle it anymore. His life was heading nowhere. He hated his job and it wasn’t going to get better. He stopped what he was doing. Closed his computer session and left the workplace. Out in the street, the day was grey, wet and warm. The wet smog made everything look worn up and miserable. He started walking in the street; everyone seemed focused on their things, not really paying attention to the environment. But he was. He looked at the other people, at the traffic stuck in itself, the dull bored shop assistant of the 24h shop… He stopped to buy a cigarette pack and an isotonic drink. He started smoking and sipping the can as he walked. He walked and walked for many minutes, rather relaxed. After several blocks he saw a tattoo shop. -Why not? - He thought. Jerry entered and asked for a tattoo catalog. After three minutes he left the catalog and asked the shop assistant for an even more badass and tribal version of  “Crash” (the videogame character). After all he was a geeky computer guy. He wanted it the same day so the tattooed girl made a draft and completed a fast design. He had it tattooed in his arm. Now he had a reason to wear sleeveless t-shirts. It was his first tattoo and stung hard.
In the following lines Jerry will get wild. Nasty adventures compressed in few phrases. This is what I’ll try to write (fast). Wait for his crazy adventures, probably NSFW! I’ll try to skip details and advance fast in a simple plot. Look for it! Formerly boring Jerry will break his routine to go on adventures. Jerry burnouts, screws all up and goes wild may quit your sleep, make you laugh, horny and ultimately brutally entertain you!
Self pity: one of the worst and most toxic feelings to avoid at all cost.
Nothing good will come of it (for extended periods of time). It’s like giving up, blaming everything but you, assuming you took no part in you miserable life. Not at all. This won’t help you, because in the end the only thing that really matters is achieving your mission and getting reward, yeah, your brain will reward you if you deserve it (drugs can help with this, but probably not in a good way). All the shitty thoughts you have boiling in your little head won’t serve anything if you don’t manage to bring them to the real world. Good or bad intentions and ideas, intense and frustrating feelings, rush of euphoria and happiness, all this is to make you act, move, interact with the environment. Think about it carefully and take action smartly. Because aside from all the written or unwritten rules, rights and duties, there’s nothing left but you and what’s around you. There’s no law regulating what’s fair or unfair in nature, so don’t complain (this doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of existing human laws and rules, use them if they are useful to you and you have them at reach). Others may harm you (and society and the environment itself) just because they can and by doing it they get a reward bigger than the consequences of it, which may very well be zero. Empathy, pity and compassion are human things that help the group, but some individuals have few of it, or you are not part of their tribe, so they may be hostile individuals to avoid or to battle. So in the end what really matters is achieving your objective and ultimately surviving (in a worth way). Do what you can and use what you have to achieve what you want. And cheer the fuck up, this really helps, without will, there’s no future. Things may get better, or not at all, so you may be totally screwed, but you’ll never be sure of it if you don’t keep struggling to see what’s up in the future, so biology tells you to move on no matter what, because if you are not able, natural selection will do its job and as everyone alive dies, it won’t be that bad or embarrassing. Good luck and now hurry the hell up idle loser!


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